NFLPA updating all players on CBA talks

After two straight Thursdays of meeting with the one-per-team union representatives, the NFL Players Association has broadened its focus.

The NFLPA, this Thursday and Friday, is conducting eight conference calls aimed at updating all players on the state of Collective Bargaining Agreement discussions with the league, according to

One call will be conducted for each of the eight divisions in the NFL, with call-in information given to all players in the league.

Per the report, the union views these calls as an opportunity to speak to all members of the union (if all members call in) regarding the current offer that the NFL has placed on the table, with a 10-year deal and 17 regular-season games by 2021.

The league remains hell bent on expanding the regular season by a game; thus, the players can either accept a deal now or let the next year and a half play out before accepting basically the same deal as a lockout imposed by ownership closes in on wiping out game checks. Along the way, the league and the NFLPA could blow a chance to parlay labor peace into new TV deals while the ratings remain high and the economy remains strong.