Valentine’s Day 2020: How to Make the Day Special if You are in a Long Distance Relationship

Valentine’s Day is nearing and there’s no better feeling than spending the special day with your significant other. However, in today’s day and age, V-Day can see youngsters miles apart from each other slogging over their work desks in different states or even countries.

There are ways in which you can make the relationship stay strong despite the distance between the two.

Schedule date night

Setting up time for a perfect movie or meal together can be a lovely experience. Instead of just a typical phone call, pour yourself a glass of wine and dine together on the same things. Even if it’s virtual, possibilities are endless — from watching television shows, to reading a book or listening to music a date night over Skype or other video calling mediums could be the perfect thing to do on V-Day.

Digital talk

One of the most beautiful things about a relationship are the sweet nothings that come with it. Try to find a quiet place and simply talk to your special someone. Sometimes the distance can make both of you feel left out from each other’s life, so what better way to strengthen your bonds than having a sweet conversation on Valentine’s Day.

Try Snail Mail

Sending hand-written letters and postcards are the best when you want to make someone feel special. In this age of electronic devices, when a message can be sent through a click of the mouse, go old school!

Grab your pen and write down a few hand-written notes and mail it in time so that it reaches your beloved on the special day. Handwritten notes are an intimate expression of your feelings that has the potential for you to connect with your partner more deeply.

Thoughtful surprises

Why don’t you surprise your special one with something thoughtful on February 14. From using a delivery app to sending her what she likes to eat, to maybe sending something that you hold close to your heart and she will cherish, there are many ways in which you can make the day special and strengthen your long-distance relationship.

Small things that matter

To keep long-distance relationships hale and hearty, knowing each other’s schedules is important. Figure out a time in the day when you can video call.